Skype For Business Consulting
Key Advantages to Using Skype for Business


  • Low Cost! With Skype conferencing you get all the features you need, and you can cancel your expensive conferencing services.
  • We can set up Skype with any configuration, including Office 365 Standalone, Hybrid installation, or On Premise.
  • We will train your users.
  • We will help set up the best features of Skype for you.
  • We can integrate Skype for Business with your Phone Solution.
  • We can assist with camera and phone purchases.
  • We can help you build your new up to date conferencing room with the best features of Skype.
  • Companies can use Skype to provide training to THEIR customers and Employee's very economically.
  • Companies can save money with Skype versus travel/flight costs.
  • Companies can have more virtual meetings, pulling together folks from anywhere in the world.
  • Companies can use Skype to include their suppliers in virtual meetings.
  • Companies can use Skype to better communicate and service their customers, by bringing them into Skype virtual meetings.-
  • DELIGHT your customers by resolving customer’s problems much more rapidly leveraging Skype’s instant messaging (IM) capabilities.


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